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When to schedule AC or HVAC Tune up?

AC tune up or service should ideally be performed in the spring before the cooling season begins, to ensure the cooling system is ready to go when the heat hits. Getting a tune up or service early also ensures you beat the early summer rush, when waiting times are long.

Always hire a reputable contractor for an air conditioning tune-up. Reputable contractors hire skilled technicians who participate in ongoing training in order to keep up with changing technologies and new techniques. They also typically have excellent professional service and guarantee their work

Be Alert !!!

If your PTAC is not blowing hot air in winter, Don't Panic!!!

Don't get ripped-off by someone. Be smart!!!.

Call us immediately at 718-577-7875

Photo on the right side is called an Actuator.

It's installed on the pipes attached to the PTAC.

If your PTAC is not blowing hot air, in 95% of the cases this little component is found defective that prevents the hot water or steam to pass through the coils and ultimately your PTAC stops blowing hot air.

There are PTAC companies operating in Manhattan, NY who would charge you unbelievable amounts of money (anywhere from $400 to $800) for this little issue that can be fixed on-site for a very reasonable price. You as a consumer end up spending a lot of money with these companies who take advantage of your situation because of winter time.

Call us, get our price, compare us with any other company. You should pick up the one you believe is most honest and professional.

We specialize in all types of PTAC Units, Heat & Cool Units and Through-the-wall Air Conditioner installations including other accessories;

ac tune up in nyc
  • Through-the-Wall Metal Sleeve (PTAC & Regular)
  • Louvers & Grilles (Regular or Architectural)
  • PTAC unit Heating coils & Cooling chassis
  • PTAC unit Valves, Traps, Sensors and Thermostats
  • PTAC unit Room Cabinets and Enclosures
  • PTAC unit Plenum Assembly
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