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PTAC stands for Package Terminal Air Conditioner. These unites are often used a lot in the hospitality industry. They are most commonly seen in hotel rooms. A PTAC is a self-contained air conditioning unit that is installed through an outside wall rather than through a window. While these units can be installed through windows, most units are 42 inches wide, which is too large for most standard sized windows. One unit goes in each room, and each unit is controlled independently. Some PTAC units are made for both heating and air conditioning.

Reasons to Consider PTAC

In some cases, PTAC air conditioning units can be more energy efficient than traditional window unit air conditioners or central ac units.

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  • Many models have electronic temperature limits. You can set separate heating and cooling ranges to prevent the cost of extreme use.
  • If you're in the hospitality industry, you can order desk ready controls that allow you to turn units on when guests arrive, and then turn them off after they leave. You can get PTAC units with energy efficiency ratios of up to 12.2. This will help you save on electricity.
  • Custom controls can be added for institutional uses such as start / stop control that provides heating or AC from a specified time in the morning to a specified time in the evening. This kind of control is connected to a central energy management system.
  • Morning warm-up control can be used in offices and schools to pre-warm rooms before peak demand electricity rates kick in. Pre-warming offices or classrooms ensures that when workers and / or students arrive, they aren't turning their units on at the same time during peak demand periods.
  • A "day reset" button can be used in conjunction with systems that are set to run during set hours, say 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. If anyone is around after the units shut off for the day, they can press a "day reset" button on their unit to continue having heat or AC. This feature can also be programmed for weekend use.
  • Using a remote temperature sensor with a PTAC air conditioner allows temperature sensing on an internal wall for better temperature control than an on-unit sensor.
  • Cleanable, reusable filters keep dirt and lint off the coil. They can be easily removed, cleaned, and reinserted, making it easy for users to maximize the energy efficiency of their PTAC unit.

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