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PTAC Cleanings and Maintenance

Keep cool with regular cleanings and maintenance from PTAC Air Conditioning Services in NYC

If you're experiencing a problem with your air-conditioning unit, PTAC Air Conditioning Services in NYC will assess the performance of your unit and make every effort to repair it on the spot. If your unit cannot be repaired with parts out of our truck stock, we will suggest a cohesive course of action to get your unit up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.

Depending on the complexity of the necessary repair and age of the unit, the solution may be as simple as picking up a new part from our supply house or, discussing your replacement options.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

The PTAC Air Conditioning Services in NYC Air Conditioning Company Service Agreement Program can extend the life of your units to keep them running effectively and efficiently for years to come.

We offer individual Share Holder/Unit Owner Agreements, as well as cost-saving programs for larger buildings with 50 or more units under one contract. Upon request, we would be happy to meet with board members to discuss the different service programs we offer and to provide a list of similar buildings we have under contract.

Service Agreement Program

Our Service Agreement Program is offered to newer equipment (10 years or less). Service Agreements include proper cleaning and maintenance (spring and fall) and all necessary service calls throughout the year, plus all parts* and repair labor. (*excludes compressors)

Both our Preventive Maintenance Programs and Service Agreements help reduce the price of repairs and ensure preferred service response time (over noncontract customers) all year long, especially during our busy seasons. Preventive Maintenance Programs and Service Agreements can be customized to your building's needs.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing and coil cleaning rids your unit of harmful contaminants such as dust spores, pollen and mold that can build up over time in units that haven't been properly maintained. A clean machine operates more efficiently so you can save on your electric bill and, more importantly, improve your indoor air quality.

The price includes the removal of your unit to our shop facility for pressure washing, coil cleaning, inspection, replacement of air seals, painting of drain pans, and reinstallation.

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